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ARFID Coaching & Community

Sign up for the first ever ARFID coaching and community support group. This course is designed to connect you with others on your recovery journey specific to ARFID! You'll be provided with handouts designed by a dietitian and access to the all new ARFID tribe Facebook page to stay connected.

Food Truck Portrait

8 Week Summer Session

The eating recovery space doesn't have enough offerings specialized for ARFID. So let's get together and create one! When creating this course, my primary goal was to create a safe, social environment for you to connect. 

My priority is your connection with others!

Ready to start healing your relationship with food? This course is full of topics to help you get there including: methods to challenge foods, navigating tough social situations, and hot topics like intuitive eating in ARFID recovery. Learn coping skills and self-care unique to those with an ARFID experience.

Sound like a good fit? Let's get started and build our ARFID tribe!

Is this right for me?

This course is open to those who are 18+. If you have been diagnosed with ARFID -this is for you!


This live online course will be held weekly on: 
Tuesdays at 2 pm EST 
beginning June 8th.
The last Tuesday session will be July 27th. All live, online courses are conducted through Zoom.

Casual Dim Sum Meal

Pricing and Registration

Due to the nature of online, series courses, all services purchased are final.

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